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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 25, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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p.m. >> lost at sea. the search for a family whose boat is believed to have sunk off the coast. hello. i am gasia mikalian. >> and i am frank somerville. >> we will get to that story in a moment. police are checking out a report of a suspicious device. they have closed out ely boulevard south between caulfield lane and weaverly drive. these are live pictures from news chopper 2. the call came in at 3 -- came in at 3:35 p.m. the device is an old world war ii police of ordinance in someone's garage. the bomb squad is on the scene. we will stay over the scene and work to get more information, as soon as we do we will bring it to you. we are hearing from a member of a select group that will choose a new pope. ktvu's allie rasmus is live after speaking with the
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archbishop. >> reporter: he was -- became a cardinal in 2006 and now that the pope is retiring he will be one of the group selecting the next pope. >> reporter: a selection process that he never thought he would be a part of. >> never, never. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> challenging. exciting. >> he spoke this morning. at 76 years old he will be one of 115 cardinals who will select the next leader. >> what we will look for is a mix of things. i will tend looking for a younger -- a younger man who still has energy for a while. >> reporter: he leaves for rome tomorrow. the next pope will need to rekindthal faith -- rekindle the faith. >> better ways of
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communication, belter ways -- better ways of presenting the beauty of the faith. >> reporter: he says the days before the conclave starts they will have meetings to get to know each other and decide what they are looking for. >> topics, areas of concern come up and they can call in experts to talk -- before they go into conclave. >> reporter: his biggest fear -- >> making a mistake. not -- or -- you know, i know, i have been 7 years now and i know most of them. >> reporter: [no audio] >> reporter: the conclave is not without controversy, there is a petition for los angeles cardinal to step down because of allegations he covered up an abuse scandal years ago. he weighed in on that issue this morning, we will have more
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on that at 6:00 p.m. kally r -- allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> peloponnesian war changed the -- pope benedict xvi changed the rules. under the old laws they would have to wait 15 days to pick a new one but under the new rules they can start as soon as they all arrive. that will give them more time to pick a new pope. >> the conclave will be short, one person. cardinal keith o'brien resigned. there are reports that his resignation follows accusation of inappropriate sexual behavior 30 years and he is recusing himself so that he won't taint the proceeding with scandal. investigators are widening their search for a homicide in
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las vegas. police identified harris this weekend as the prime suspect. he is accused of firing into a car driven by kenneth carry, jr. he has an extensive criminal history. the oyster farm involved in a battle with the government got a reprieve and can stay open for now. the court granted a motion for an emergency injunction, that will allow them to remain open while the appeal is considered. they lost their lease in november after he said its operation was environmentally harmful. >> president obama today continued to push congress to reverse the automatic spending cuts agreed to in 2010. without action those cuts go
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into effect friday. ktvu's scott mcfarlane tells us there are some who are in favor of the cuts. >> reporter: hospital workers protesting saying they will lose jobs. but this week in washington it is school principals saying the budget crisis will take a meat ax to local schools leading to teacher furloughs and larger class sizes as early as next year. >> that impact said our kids and -- impacts our kids and student learning. >> reporter: $85 billion in cuts. critics say the white house is exaggerating the impact of a cut in government spending to scare americans and score political points. >> we have to inform the
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american people what might happen, what will happen if congress refuses to do the right thing here. these are facts. >> reporter: there are supporters of the budget cuts who would like to see the government save teaching jobs, but lop off more spending. >> we are in a fiscal crisis. and too little willingness to address it. you know, this seems to be half of a first step. >> reporter: california school principals will lobby for a compromise. scott mcfarlane ktvu channel 2 news. >> the action taken by law makers and the state treasure explains how inaction will trickle down to california coming up.
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the political crisis hit wall street hard today. the dow is down 216 to 13,784. the nasdaq is down 45 at 3,116. the s&p is down 27 to 1,487. the civil trial began today in the lawsuit against bp today. protesters greeted lawyers as they arrived in new orleans this morning. the government joined with guff coast states and -- gulf coast states and individuals. bp could face billions of dollars in penalties. >> we want to make sure bp is held accountable. states are compensated for the losses they received. >> they offered bp a settlement, $16 billion in penalties. he plans to start writing
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gun control legislation. he said the bills would out law magazines and increase penalties for illegal gun trafficking. and he is expected to come up with a bill to expand background checks. coming up, a ktvu channel 2 news poll reveal california's sentiments of gun control. a man has been indicted in connection with a foreclosure scam. he is accused of running a scheme to positive banks from foreclosing on properties. he is accused of making false statements to stall foreclosure proceedings for some of his clients. he is charged with a string of counts. he is facing 40 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. san jose police arrested a
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3 3rd suspect in connection with a gang related killing. he was taken into custody friday, carlos ruiz paz for murdering jose antonio vega calderon. rebels continue their assault on government strongholds officials are ready for talks. they posted this video, showing a helicopter getting shot down. rebels gained control of a major oil field and two army bases. they are focusing now on a police academy. he called for talks last month but not with armed opponents. the national transportation safety board is investigating a safety issue with ford. the investigation effects 725,000 vehicles. problems have been reported with engines stalling or just
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the opposite, surging. vehicles involved include the escape, mercury suv, ford fusion and sedans from the 2009- 2011 model years. the car and suvs -- cars and suvs haven't been recalled yet. former surgeon general c. everett koop died today. he over saw federal health problems in the 1980s. he shocked many when he endorsed the use of condoms and sex education to slow the spread of aids. c. everett koop was 96 years old. yahoo is trying to change its status, why that means big changes for employees who are used to working from home. >> back here in a few minutes, it is really nice out there,
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60s. how warm will it get as we go into the five-day forecast, i will let you know back here in just 10 minutes. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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we continue to follow developing news, there is a situation that has shut off part of a neighborhood here. pictures from news chopper 2, ely boulevard south between caulfield lane and weaverly drive. there were calls to police at 3:30 p.m. of someone finding a suspicious device. we understand eit is believed to be -- it is believed to be a world war ii ordinance. you can see bomb squad has arrived on the scene. we understand homes have been evacuated. here you see a couple of law enforcement vehicles, people setting up. so often in these cases they send a remote robot inside or they want to take the situation slowly. they say there is no reason to rush as long as they know there is something specs to be
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inspected -- suspicious to be inspected. you can see lanes of traffic blocked off, people having trouble coming and goes. ely boulevard south between caulfield lane and weaverly drive. just checked, they are reporting it is believed a previous tenant may have left it there in the garage. new owners may have found it. again, neighborhood ais impacted in the north bay in petaluma. this situation hasn't changed much since we showed it to you at the top of the newscast but we will let you know if and when police give the all clear. yahoo ceo said employees are no longer going to be able to work from home. ktvu's robert handa is live with more. >> reporter: we have seen a lot of employees leaving work right
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now and soon if the company gets its way there could be a much larger crowd once they start reporting to an office instead of working from home. >> reporter: an internal memo announce ited yahoo is e-- announced yahoo is ending working from home, they said people must now work side by side and the company needs to be one. it is a proposal that is linked to ceo that startles employees. >> i work at home i love the plexability of it so it works -- flexibility of it so it works well. >> reporter: he called it a backwards step that working life isn't 9:00 to 5:00 and
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donald trump said he is doing a great job. some companies began recruiting yahoo employees. but one says face to face team work is needed to provide the fresh content yahoo must have to be relevant again. >> i think it needs to have an all hands on deck model for the short term. this is a smart move. >> reporter: some people agree. sort of. >> working from home is a great thing, accomplish the same type of objectives you have. taking that away may change the culture of the company. >> reporter: the change is one of a series of decisions she is making to revive yahoo, coming up, more on the move and whether the changes are working. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. responding to 3/4 of shrinking revenue, zynga announced a number of moves. they say they will be closing
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four offenses, two in texas, two in new york city and baltimore. 30 workers in baltimore will be layed out, the rest will be transferred to other locations. the ceo said he is looking for other ways to cost costs -- cut costs at well. students plan to march on march 14 to demand action. they made the announcement this morning. ccsf is facing a march 15 deadline to respond to a report calling for changes and threatening a loss of acriditation. >> we are -- accreditation. >> we are calling on them to take action, put a freeze on the process. >> last week the students staged a sit in demanding the school reverse cuts and services and meet other demands. the government is helping reduce the number of high
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school drop outs. high school drop outs cost $1.8 billion every year. they introduced a three year, $15 million effort to raise graduation rates, increase math and reading skills and prepare more students for college. lawmakers are pushing for legislation aimed that california public utilities commission in response to their decision following the 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion. they unveiled the bill today in san francisco, it calls for an audit of their account to check for transparency. they are criticizing the decision last october to suspend public hearings and how much to fine pg&e for the
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explosion. >> make sure the energy delivered to the homes is delivered safely, and to protect our pocket books. sadly it has for many years been failing us. >> he is calling for auditors to probe whether they are over seaing billions of dollars in -- over seeing billions of dollars. vulcan received the most votes. it was a planet in star trek and the roman god of lava and smoke. officials responsible for naming the moons will take the contest results into consideration. texas and its neighbors are getting hit by another blizzard. the 24 hour record for snow
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fall in texas is 25-inches and snow accumulation along the pan handsel approaching that amount. 75 miles per hour winds are making driving treacherous. the national weather service issued storm warnings from eastern new mexico to eastern michigan which is 1400 miles. >> such a rough season. in the bay area, we will be feeling bike spring pretty -- like spring pretty soon. >> 60s today. you will see mostly sunny conditions. beautiful today. we had patchy coastal fog, texture on the bay. as you look at this picture it looks like something you will see in april, not february, late february. we are into a warm weather pattern and it will stick around. this is the system in this area as it moves out, tulsa, st.
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louis. that will give you flight delays towards the midwest, east, be prepared. check with your carriers. it is a strong system and they will change some stuff due to that especially on the mid- atlantic coast. here is the next system. it looks good. but it is not going to hit us. it will go this way, over the top and gone. this system, which would be a nice looking rain producer will leave the area in a dry state. 65 in santa rosa right now. 57 novato. 62 napa. 63 in the antioch area. 64 was the high in antioch today. 63 fairfield. day time highs. warm. numbers like 66 napa. above average for many bay area cities and sticks in here. one thing i worry about are people with allergies. rain, we need rain. the pollen and the blooms.
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trees are starting to get fooled because of the lack of rain and the warmth. you will see buds come out on the trees. it is hard on the trees when we get the next freeze. santa rosa 88% of average. that is amazing to me. we have not had rain but we had so much rain in december we are still holding fair percent of average. san jose 74%. we need the rain. i don't have any tomorrow, i will let you know in the five- day forecast when our next shot is possible. we will talk about the forecast highs for tomorrow because it will get warmer around here. the coast guard is expected to decide soon whether or not to call off the search for four missing boaters, including two young children. ktvu's jade hernandez is what is believed to be the family's
5:23 pm
last radio transmission. >> reporter: we can tell you we are live that coast guard station and we have been told they will continue their search through the night and you are right, today we heard for the first time part of the distress call. they hope somewhere out there someone recognizes the voice. >> coast guard, coast guard. we are abandoning ship. >> reporter: they believe this sail boat took on water. >> we reviewed the transmission, some are still unreadable. >> reporter: they said the electronickics were fail -- electronics were failing so they were only able to approximate the location. they ramped up efforts to find
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them. today they sent up chopper crews. the international guard, scene here last fall, also joined the search and rescue this afternoon and as of an hour ago four boats were on the water looking for life. >> we don't know if they were able to make a life raft out of whatever equipment they were able to gather together. >> reporter: factors to considering, the water temperatures, and no one knows where they were coming from or headed to but for some reason there were no life rafts on board. >> they had battery powered radio, other boats should pick up the transmissions but no one closer could hear. that is how weak the signal was. >> reporter: there has been talk about whether this is a hoax or not, and the coast guard has been able to locate
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the registration of the vessel. but we are told if the vessel came from canada it may be harder to locate. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. getting closer, the project for one of the bay area's traffic trouble spots is nearing completion. >> this home taped off by fire investigators after flames teared through the place, why unwanted visitors might be to blame for this devastating fire.
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. officials are trying to figure out what caused a house fire last night. it broke out in a vacant home. ktvu's alex savage reports. >> reporter: the huge flames over night that burned through this vacant home in rohnert park. kelly clark shot the video and couldn't believe the size of the fire. >> huge flames. you could see the flames were probably 25 to 30 feet. maybe more. up to the tree. >> reporter: the home has been empty for the past few months, the big concern was keeping the flames to spreading to neighboring homes. >> nobody got hurt, i was more concerned about the neighbors. >> reporter: investigators tell me the fire started in the car
5:29 pm
port. an area where squatters have been hanging out. >> the front had no security fencing, it was open to the public. we received reports that people were frequenting it. to get out of the cold and rain. >> reporter: many neighbors could tell the house had visitors. >> lot of soda cans. just saying. >> the fire spread into the house causing $100,000 in damage. as you can see the home has been red tagged. and investigators are still trying to reach the owner of the place who lives out of state. by the way, police tell me they have been doing regular checks at this home to look for squatters but they were never able to find anyone. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. the devil's slide tunnel protect is set to open soon.
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they are undergoing final safety tests. they will replace a section of highway 1 that is known for land slides. the project is described as different than anything in the united states. the devil's slide tunnel have white walls, cameras and fire proof shelters. they will connect the two bridges 125 feet high and a thousand feet long. voters have strong positions about arming california teachers, that and other findings in ktvu channel 2 news poll. >> and the clock is ticking. what the automatic spending cuts could mean for california and the effect it could have in the classroom. >> more live pictures from news chopper 2 over a closed intersection because of a world war ii bomb shell was found inside the garage of a home there. more live coverage.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> californians appear to be united when it comes to the gun control proposal after the newtown, connecticut school shooting. californians agree about whether or not to arm teachers with guns. only on 2, ktvu's rita williams is live in the news room with what else californians and teachers say about gun control. >> reporter: one question in the poll, particularly draws strong feelings, from parents with children in school. >> reporter: since the tragedy at sandy hook elementary school, legislators in some states proposed arming teachers
5:34 pm
in the classroom and that draws strong reaction from teachers in oakland. >> that sounds like more trouble than it is worth. sounds like a liability rather than security. i would prefer to be taught defensive moves. >> reporter: and if voters have their say, especially trained teachers will not carry concealed weapons in california schools. the ktvu channel 2 news poll shows that californians rejected the proposal 68-28%. although men and women ruposed, even -- are opposed, even more women are opposed by 3-1. nationally a survey shows 22% of teachers are in favor of carrying guns in schools. some say it conflicts with their value system, others say it would distract from teaching
5:35 pm
other ways to prevent violence before it begins. she tried to reassure her students after the newtown, connecticut school shooting. >> all teachers have a natural instinct to protect what is yours. i will protect you as much as i can. >> reporter: and as we saw at sandy hook elementary school sometimes teachers try to protect children with all they have left. their lives. reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details from our poll. strong support for anyone buying ammunition to go through a background check, 75% in favor. 61% supported higher taxes. 58% backed banning magazines. facebook agreed to remove
5:36 pm
trib route pages relate -- rubute pages related to sandy hook elementary school. they say some pages have been used to harass families. he says facebook called his office and said they would begin remunning those pages -- removing those pages. gas prices continue to rise. there are two reasons for the increase, oil prices are rising and refineries are cutting back. the national average is $3.88. prices in the bay area are higher. san francisco prices gone up 12 cents to $4.25. san jose and oakland, $4.17 and that is up 60 cents in the last month. as we mentioned, friday is the deadline that congress and the president must reach a
5:37 pm
deal, otherwise $85 billion will be automatically cut from the budget. if that happens it could cost california billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs. ktvu's ken pritchett is live in sacramento with how education could be hit the hardest. ken? >> reporter: frank, leaders say 1200 california school jobs could be lost or furloughed if the automatic spending cuts kick in, also known as the sequestration. >> reporter: how bad is inaction on sequestration? today in sacramento 28 senators agreed that it should be avoided. >> we are very concerned here. the members of congress need to get it together. >> reporter: he said inaction will lead to slower growth in california. >> pracical impacts, there will
5:38 pm
be cults -- practical impacts, there will be cuts through the economy. >> reporter: $4 billion for the california economy. the military could lose $70 million, 60,000 employees furloughed. law enforcement could be reduced. and schools could lose $85 million and 1200 school jobs for starters. >> right now the white house is estimated california will take about $70 million cut in special education. 760 jobs. >> reporter: she says the funding cuts will impact title 1 programs. >> i know san francisco is looking at $4 million hit. alameda county, 28 million. >> reporter: another problem for school districts, it is difficult to budget for this.
5:39 pm
if congress misses the deadline the cuts could be less if congress acts soon after or the cuts could be more over time because sequestration could be with us for the next decade. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. they almost pulled it off, the store item drug smugglers use to try to hide heroin. >> the invitation samsung is sending out and the big announcement they are expected to make.
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continuing coverage on our developing news from petaluma. live pictures from news chopper 2. we believe that some type of world war ii bomb shell was found inside a garage. they closed ely boulevard south between caulfield lane and weaverly drive. it is believed the previous tenants of that house may have left that bomb shell inside the garage. we understand that the bomb squad is there. i imagine what they will do is sending in a remote controlled device and destroy the bomb. that could take time. we will keep you posted on what happened. the headline, ely boulevard south shut down because some type of world war ii bomb shell has been found there.
5:43 pm
russia drug control service made a major bust. they seized 187-kilograms of heroin that was hidden in a shipment of radishes. it was delivered to a market. the street value is estimated at $180 million. two people have been detained and two arrested in connection with the bust. argo is getting negative reviews in iran. he says the film exaggerated violence. they call it an advertisement for the cia. it is banned from iranian theaters. samsung is sending out invitation to an evented a
5:44 pm
radio city music call. they expect news on the galaxy s4. the larger note is proven to be also popular. a young couple goes missing in peru, what the government is telling the mother of one of the bicyclists. >> back here, clear at the coast, patchy fog back tonight. highs today in the mid-60s. it will get warmer, how much warmter gets for your tuesday, i will -- warmer it gets for your tuesday, i will have the details. [ crickets chirping ]
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family members are waiting for a word from a couple missing in peru. they warned of kidnapping threats in a city they visited. ktvu's rob roth is live with the one thing the couple stopped doing. rob? >> reporter: the bike shop where one of the bicyclist works raised $4,000 in the help for the search for the couple as they wait for word and worry. >> reporter: this is the last picture jamie neal and garrett hand posted on facebook from their bicycle trip in south america, january 4. this was his last message, his sister read part of it. >> we first we must go to lima. we want -- we do not want to stay there long.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: garrett hand's family has been transformed into a information headquarters. >> somebody knows where he is. >> reporter: the family said they were seen on january 26 but the family said authorities said witnesses saw the couple in february. >> i hope for the best and our family just wants them to come home safely and we haven't heard from them so we want to hear from my son. >> reporter: troubling to the family, no cash transaction. the state department e-mailed us authorities provided us all assurances they will do everything possible to locate the couple. his sister said they wouldn't take unnecessary risks. >> they wanted to know the people and go to places they want. >> the family hopes people
5:49 pm
hear about the missing couple. >> they can be the eyes and ears for us and find them and tell them to come home. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy issued warnings about kidnapping threats. family and co-workers are hoping they are in too remote an area to call or e-mail. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the contra costa county sheriff is looking for a missing man who is concerned at risk. he was last seen february 5 at a hospital in martinez. he hasn't returned to his home and hasn't contacted his family. he does not have his medication. there will soon be hundreds of new domains to rival dot- com. the specific names won't be announced till april. but many will be brand names
5:50 pm
and reginal monikers. and there will be some generic suffolks. google may find themselves at the center of a violation investigation. they called on the trade commission to act immediately on the most recent allegations of privacy violation. google is accused of sharing users personal information with app developers. they said google has been a serial abuser and suggested they be fined billions of dollars. a spokeswoman said it is fully compliant with the law. some people in oakland called ktvu channel 2 news because they are upset about vandalism. the area is near 8th and
5:51 pm
chester streets. they say saturday morning after a party someone spray painted three buildings, including a church. they said they might bree the work -- be the work of teen whose live in the neighborhood. >> this is not gang grufity. they want the notoriety and that is why they are as prolific as they are. >> police came and took a record. neighbors called us because they want this to stop and they want the people who did it to be prosecuted. california bald eagle hatch add the san francisco zoo is about to become a dad. a nest where the 13-year-old male and his partner are starting a family. she is a 27-year-old eagle and she layed one egg so far. due to hatch in april.
5:52 pm
russian scientists said the largest piece of meteorite to land on earth crashed into the mountain. the meteor flew over on february 15 leaving behind a plume of smoke. locals saw it fall into an ice covered lake leave ag20-foot wide hole -- dev ag20-foot wide -- leaving a 20-foot wide hike. in the bay area we are about to see a warm up. >> 60s, mid-60s, upper 60s. santa rosa 67 degrees. it is spring like weather. chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon. if this was july, not warm. mid-60s, warm. systems i am tracking are -- again, looks good.
5:53 pm
this continues north. we are down here. flow continues to keep all the energy away from us. current temperatures are mild for this time of night, this time of year. 62 napa. 63 concord. 61 fairfield. what do you say about weather like this? it is great. we love california. we love the climate. in order for california to function we need rain in the months of february, march and we need to get rain or it doesn't operate correctly. we have issues. i am concerned because the models are running dry. not a major concern. but growing up here, you are from here too, you know the feeling, you want to start seeing rain. hopefully we will get something but not this week. looks like next week will be dry as well. extended forecast, warmer weather as we go into friday and weekend. the jet stream, this high
5:54 pm
pressure stays to the north. yeah, unusual february. very unusual january. third driest in san francisco. the forecast highs tomorrow, 67 in napa. 65 antioch. 67 in santa rosa. more cities, lots of nice looking number. 60s. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view then lots of sunshine. again, great place but so pretty right now. weather is great but it is hard on the trees. i am not a farmer but i know when the blossoms come out too early. right now, 5 days dry. next 5 5 days dry. >> thank you. friends and family welcome hope hundreds of troops to southern california and for one it was an especially happy home coming, we will show you why. medications?
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a study out of spain is offing proof a mediterranean diet is good for our heart. researchers tracked people over 5 years. those who ate mediterranean style, those folks lowered their risk of problems by 30%.
5:58 pm
it was a happy home coming this morning for 200 marines returning to san diego from afghanistan. family and friends at the air station. they were deployed for a year and could not wait to catch up on things at home. >> my daughter kendra and another baby. anthony, he was born when i was on deployment. >> reporter: your first chance to see him? >> it is. i saw him on skype and that is the only time i have seen him. >> the troops provided close air support and transportation for ground troops. new york city mayor is scheduled to be stanford's commencement speaker this year because of his spirit. they list him as one of the 10
5:59 pm
wealthiest people in america. ceremonies are set for june 16. we continue to follow developing news in the north bay, a bomb squad is inspecting a home. we are trying to find out more about the device that brought them out to that house and yahoo's ceo is calling all employees back into the office. we look into this risky move that some say could back fire.


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